Jawa Perak Modified By ModBike

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Jawa Perak modified

Presenting you Jawa Perak Modified by Modbike which is modified into a Harley-Davidsons style Motorcycle. Even if you are not interested in Jawa Perak, you’ll stop short in your tracks the moment you see this Jawa Perak Modified, I can almost guarantee it. This Motorcycle was a result of very hard work from ModBike. 

At a first glance, one will not be able to recognize this motorcycle unless they see the Jawa logo. There are so many Aftermarket parts that have been used here in this Jawa Perak Modified. Color Combination used on this Jawa Perak modified is matte black combined with brown leather finish on the Seat and some other parts.

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Jawa Perak Modified

Talking about the changes done on the front part, the front suspension is kept in stock but the suspension cover here is removed. With this suspension setup, the bike doesn’t lose its stability. 

The Front Headlamp is also changed to an aftermarket round LED Headlamp. This LED Headlamp is just like a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. Both front and rear side indicators are also changed into round-type bright yellow color indicators. 

The fuel tank on this Modified Jawa Perak is kept in stock and the stock speedometer is also been replaced with a left-side mounted speedometer. The footrest and the gear and brake lever are moved to the front for a better riding stance.

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Tyres & Rims:

Jawa Perak Modified

The main attraction of this Jawa Perak is its tires. There are some major changes are done here both tires and rims have been changed. 

Talking about its rims here it is taken from a new Harley-Davidson Fat Boy which allows this bike to have such fat tires. The front now holds a 140mm tire and the rear now has a massive 240mm tire. Both these tires are from Harley-Davidson motorcycles. 

Due to the increased size of the tires on this motorcycle braking performance was also altered here. 

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rear frame & seat :

Jawa Perak Modified

Talking about the rear frame on this Modified Jawa Perak, to hold the rear massive 240mm tire the swing arm has been broadened here. So the Swing arm was altered here as needed to fit the rear rims and tires. 

The seat frame is still kept in stock but the seat itself is changed into a fully custom leather build seat. The Seat was designed for a proper bobber style. 

The toolbox was also changed into a new Round Shaped toolbox. with a Leather strap over it. This combination of leather looks just amazing. 

The Number plate holder is new here and it is on the left side with a custom aftermarket bobber style LED tail lamp.

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handlebar :

Jawa Perak Modified

For a proper Harley-Davidson style bobber Ape style Handlebar is used on this Jawa Perak. Due to this Ape style of handlebar, the riding stance is changed to a higher side. This Handlebar now holds a bar end inverted round mirror. The Buttons on the handlebar is kept in stock from Jawa Perak. 

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ModBike did a very impressive job of modifying this Jawa Perak into a Custom Harley-Davidson style Bobber. With its Massive tire both in front and rear, the road presence of this Modified, Jawa Perak is very high. This is basically a head-turner modification.

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  1. Vikash kr vishwash

    Plz let me know the modification costs of these….
    # For front 140 and rear 240 mm tyres ? Arelated swing arm with extended bush?
    # Hazzard (Highway lights) ?
    # Toolbox (with leather straps) ?
    # seat (leather) ?
    # Dual headlamps ?
    # Bobber styled foot rest ?

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