Hero Honda Splendor Modified Into CafeRacer By Avesh Customs

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Modified Splendor into CafeRacer

Presenting You all a yet another Hero Honda Splendor Modified Bike which is modified into caferacer style by Avesh customs . This bike started its journey as a normal looking bike but you can see its final version in caferacer style. Avesh customs have totally transformed this bike into a best looking caferacer and i guess no body will ever recognize that its a splendor because a lots of changes have been done in this bike.

In case you are planning to customize your bike from avesh customs i have provided you contact details at the end of this article .

As you can see from above image itself that many changes have been made on this bike like swing arm extension ,tires , frame etc. So In this Article I will tell you what all changes made on this bike so please read it carefully .

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Modified Hero Honda Splendor Front Changes

Front look of the bike is completely changed and to give that caferacer style look to this splendor a new 7.5 watt 5.5 inch led headlamp has been changed from the stock square shaped headlight. This is a led headlamp with Round drl which looks beautiful at night and day time.

This Headlamp is placed little downward and in between the suspension setup via Headlamp mount and it looks perfect for this caferacer because the size of the headlamp is small. Led indicator is placed near to headlamp and these indicator are very small but have metal casing and are really bright.

Apart from this the front suspension setup is also changed to fix 110mm tires and a disc brake which usually don’t come in stock bike .The front mudguard is little short and placed via clip on mounting which adds beauty to your bike. 

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Tyres & Rims:

Modified Hero Honda Splendor Front Changes

To Give A Beefy look to this modified splendor both front and rear tyre have been changed . Now the front tyre is replaced with 110mm tyre and rear tyre have been changed to a 120mm segment tyre . Both the tyre are from JK tyre brands and are easily available online and offline.

As you can see in above image the rear tyre is little outward and length of the bike is little long as compared to stock bike because rear swing arm is now extended by 2.5 inch

Rear suspension setup remains stock and no changes made to rear brake system and assembly  . Rear Footrest of the bike is little extended for a perfect ride posture like a caferacer as they have low-mounted handlebars and forward-leaning seating.

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Modified Hero Honda Splendor Front Changes

Now Comes the handle bar so for a perfect caferacer look you should have a low mounted handlebars so avesh customs have a made a custom clip on handlebars which are really short and mounted little low so that you can lean towards forward .

Apart from clip-on handlebars the stock speedometer console have been removed completely . To give the retro look a custom after market round speedometer is placed along with a small compass to add a look and for navigation .

This is for the first time I saw a compass placed along with speedometer which not only helps in navigation but also adds  look because if you see the bike from front it looks like as if two speedometer and battery console are placed 

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Modified Hero Honda Splendor Front Changes

Fuel Tank used for this bike is a stock fuel tank painted in  metallic cherry red color . Stock fuel tank of splendor is a perfect fuel tank for all kinds of caferacer design and many modifiers use splendor fuel tank as caferacer fuel tank for their projects.

These Tanks have a flat straight back which syncs perfectly with straight seats which is one of the most important point to give that clean and perfect looks. 

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Splendor Fuel Tank

rear frame & seats:

Modified Hero Honda Splendor Front Changes

Rear Frame is now chopped and made it small and straight with single person seating capacity . The Rear frame completely align with fuel tank as you can see in above image . Both fuel tank and rear frame have a straight base which looks perfect for a caferacer style bike.

The seat used here is a custom made seats stitched perfectly  with a cowl style designed at the end. Usually you will see  a cowl in caferacers.

The end point of rear frame has a curved design and contain a led strips which is used as a tail light

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Modified Hero Honda Splendor Front Changes

The Exhaust system have been upgraded with aftermarket SC Non db killer exhaust with a free flow pipe and it looks perfect as per the design of the bike.

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Splendor is still one of the most selling bike in India and you might have seen many modified splendor but the design of this splendor is just perfect specially the color combination , extended swing arm and short rear frame with custom seats . I hope you also loved this modified splendor in caferacer style so please share this article with your friends and comment down your feedback like what you like the most and what suggestion you can give to enhance its looks .

Thanks For Your Time ….

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