Hero Honda Glamour Modified By Legal Kustom Motorcycles

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Hero Honda Glamour Modified By Legal Kustom Motorcycles

Presenting You all a Hero Honda Glamour Modified Bike By Legal Kustom Motorcycle .This modified glamour is surely one of the best modified glamour bike in India.

It is a completely Road legal bike with all kind of RTO permission taken and if you want to ride a modified bike on roads you must get RTO permissions.

The Donor bike was not in a good shape and condition so Team from Legal Kustom Motorcycle decided to convert it into something which was not seen before on a glamour bike.

The new look of the bike is totally inspired by BMW R80 Scrambler Style Modification and hope you guys loved it so here is a detailed post about the changes done on this bike.

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Modified Hero Honda Glamour Front Changes

As You can see the front look of the bike is now totally changed and as far as the changes made to the bike the biggest change include front headlamp which is now replaced with a Super XL Luna Headlight.

To fix this headlamp the team used a custom aluminum headlight holder which can be easily purchased from amazon (Affiliate ) .The Luna Headlight makes the front look more classy and fits perfectly between the shock absorber which is stock one.

Apart from this the front fender is now custom made and little short as compared with stock one so that tire design and looks can be seen clearly which indirectly enhances the overall look of the bike.

Both front and rear side indicators are now replaced with metal indicator which are small one attached below the headlamp and near front number plate.

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Tyres & Rims:

Hero Honda Glamour Modified By Legal Kustom Motorcycles

To Give a scrambler style look both front and rear tyre got upgraded to ralco tyre blaster HT and tyre size for both front and rear is (100-90-18) . These type of tyre gives bike a good scrambler look as the design of the tyres are little like dual sports tyres .

Apart from tyre upgrade now this glamour has new disc brake setup in both front and rear which was replaced with drum brakes as disc brakes were not available in stock donor bike.

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Modified Hero Honda Glamour Fuel Tank Changes

The stock handlebar is now replaced with yamaha FZ handle bar which are easily available in market and are widely used in modification because of its price and it gives a perfect wide handlebar style like a scrambler bikes.

A custom round style speedometer is equipped on the handlebar which provide a good retro style looks and if you see the grips color of the bike it matches the seat color of side pocket and bags .

These are little little detailed work which will make your bike look perfect and adds beauty.

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Fuel Tank used for this bike has been taken from all legendary hero honda splendor and this is a perfect tank if you are planning for caferacer , scrambler style bike .This tank are easily available and costs very less and have a straight lower design which looks perfectly with rear frame . 

rear frame & seats:

Modified Hero Honda Glamour Frame Changes

Now Comes the rear portion which is totally re designed as you can see in the picture the stock rear frame is chopped and now replaced with a custom made frame which is short as compared to the length of stock frame.

Apart from frame seats have been changed with a custom made seats. These light brown seats and side covers , pockets are made of pure goat leather and looks perfect with the silver painted fuel tank.

All these type of seats and side pockets can be made locally on any seat shops as per your choice. Rear suspension system has been changed and updated with pulsar rear nitox shocker which indirectly increases the rear height and prevent the rear tire from touching the frame.

The taillamp have been placed on side number plate holder .  


The Exhaust system have been upgraded with aftermarket glasswool exhaust system and team made sure that its sound doesn’t cross 70db in normal speed.


So finally you saw a beautiful hero honda glamour modified bike and i hope you liked this modification work and in case you have any doubt or suggestion please comment down below and you can connect with me if you have any concerns or issue regarding this post and if you like watching such bikes do subscribe to my youtube channel and share this article with others .

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