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Presenting you a stunning looking Modified Pulsar 150 and it is done by Bad Brothers Customs. This Bajaj Pulsar 150 is an old Model( 2007 ) which was uniquely modified by Bad Brothers Custom. Many Changes has been done on this bike from head to tail. Many Custom After Market parts have also been used on this bike to complete this modification.

You can fine many Modified Bajaj Pulsar 150CC in our country, there are so many types of modifications done on this bike due to its popularity and its durability. 

So if you are also a Fan boy of Bajaj Pulsar 150 do read this full article and at the end i’ll also share the details of the Modifiers of this bike so if you want to give your bike this look you can contact them.

There are so many changes done on this bike, so many after market parts have been used and so many custom work has been done. No one will be able to identify that this is a Bajaj Pulsar 150 2007 Model.

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This bike looks like an alien tech bike as we look it from the front. Front Headlamp has been changes to a custom made dual Headlamp Setup. These Dual Headlamp setup is fitted with a custom made bracket. The custom made bracket is fully handmade and the headlamp has metal grill installed on it.

The front suspension is a stock suspension of Bajaj Pulsar 150 no changes has been done here. But still as there is no front fender stock suspension also look superb on this modification. 

So combining this No front fender and dual headlamp with its stock suspension makes it look like a alien tech bike.

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Tyres & Rims:

Talking about front and rear tyres on this Bajaj Pulsar 150 as you can see it is not stock, front tyre is now of size 90/90 17 and rear tyre is of size 120/80 17. Changing tyre size on a bike modification makes it look very bulky and also sporty.

Both the tyres are changed but what about rims??.. well many might have already noticed that it still has its stock rim of Bajaj Pulsar 150. There was no need to change the rims here to a different design as stock also very good looking.

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Modifiers usually use clip on handle bar for a bike modification to give it an aggressive look but that also cost a lot, so here to save budget and give is a unique look FZ Handle bar is used which is completely inverted. By Inverting this FZ Handle bad the riding stance is changed and it also has very aggressive look.

So you by doing this inverted style FZ handlebar you can save yourself some money and give your bike an amazing look.

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Fuel tank is also changed here to a bigger peanut style fuel tank. Custom Color change and a logo is also done on the fuel tank. Peanut Style fuel tank is usually used on bobber bike as it give bike a very big and bold look. 

You can see from the side profile due to its fuel tank this bike looks very heavy and big.

rear frame & seats:

Main changes done on this bike is at the rear fully custom hand made parts have been used at the rear. Rear Number plate is on the side with a custom holder. Due to this side fitted number plate the rear part of this bike looks very clean. 

As you know Bajaj Pulsar 150 has a Dual suspension setup on the rear, but here it is changed to a Mono Shock suspension setup. The Stiffness on this mono shock suspension setup can also be changed easily.

The seat is also custom made here which is a hand made seat with diamond stitching. The rear frame is also custom made which is just a single pipe which holds the seat.

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Led Tail Light


The exhaust system here is also full hand made. It is a 304 grade Stainless Steel pipe. Now you will think the exhaust note will be very bad or very loud it is not like that because a custom made DB Killer is also fitted in the exhaust system.

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Bajaj Pulsar 150 being a very popular among the youngster in our country most of them like to modify it and looking at this modified Bajaj Pulsar 150 by Bad Brothers Custom the work done here is fabulous.

Contact Details:

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