Pulsar 220 modified By Classic Bikers Garage bike in India and best modified Bajaj pulsar Caferacer

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Bajaj Pulsar is very famous in India for its commuting purpose and also for its speed and looks. Here i am presenting you a Pulsar 220 Modified by Classic Bikers Garage Bike into a Cafe Racer. The modification done on this bike is on another level starting from front to rear. Color job on this bike is also amazing metallic grey with black body.

Cafe Racer are optimized for speed and handling rather than comfort.

Talking about the parent bike which is Bajaj Pulsar 220 which was once the fastest pulsar. So Classic bikers garage put some effort and time into this to make this a perfect cafe racer which has really high speed.

As you can see from above image itself that many changes have been made on this bike.

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Front Look is completely changed as you can see it has a custom LED Headlamp. Size of the headlamp is 5.75 inch which is just perfect size for this modification.

Front Suspension is the stock Bajaj Pulsar 220 Suspension it just has a Cover for more aggressive look.

It is also equipped with a aftermarket LED indicator which is on the side of the Headlamp. This bike has no fenders installed in it, many of you guys will think it will be hard to drive in rain but this type of modifications are only to used once in a week just for its show.

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Tyres & Rims:

In this bike both front and rear tyres have been changed to give that beefy look. Front tyre size in 120 and rears are of 150 size. Both front and rear tires can be used for high speed on road as well as off road.

Due to the tread on the tire overall look of this bike has been improved.

Alloys on this modification are stock Bajaj Pulsar 220 alloys.

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The Handle bar used here is a Clip-on Handle bar which usually short in length and are pretty low. As for the side mirrors they are from Rizoma which are Bar end Mirror. Clip-on Handle bar with Bar end mirror just goes perfect with each other

And for the Speedometer a digital Speedometer is used here which fit perfect on the handlebar.

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Fuel tank is Stock fuel tank of Bajaj Pulsar 220. Many modifiers this day are using stock pulsar fuel tank as it gives the bike a heavy look. 

Bike Fuel tank is painted with metallic grey color and whole frame of the bike is painted black.

rear frame & seats:

Whole rear frame on this bike is modified you can see the rear frame was chopped. Due to the Chopped frame the rear tire comes out which also enhances the overall look of the bike.

The seat here is a custom build Cafe Racer Style seat which is obviously a single seater. Seat also has a full Black Cover to match the Frame of the bike. 

As you can see the middle part of the bike is completely hollow, many might be thinking where is battery of this bike????? there a custom build battery holder situated under the seat and the middle part is left completely hollow.

The led strip is completely integrated inside rear frame.

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This bike is not just modified for its look it also got good speed with great sound. As for Exhausted used here it is a custom build full system free flow exhaust which is really loud and also gives it a good look. 

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