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Presenting you one of the best Modified Unicorn bike, this modification is done by Avesh Customs. This is the best Modified Honda Unicorn in India by far from front to rear every part on this bike is done amazingly. Of course this modification was possible by one the best modifiers in India which Avesh Customs. They have done some amazing work on this Honda Unicorn.

Honda Unicorn was firstly introduced in the year 2002 and honda released this bike to compete with Bajaj Pulsar and TVS Apache. After the modification done by Avesh Customs we cannot easily recognize that this was a Honda Unicorn before, i will tell you all about the modification done one by one.

As you can see from above image itself that many changes have been made on this bike.

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Front Look is completely changed as you can see it has a custom LED Headlamp. This LED Headlamp also has a projector lamp in-built. As for the Suspension setup it has its stock suspension. There was no need to change the suspension setup here as the stock one does the work beautifully. 

Front Fender is also custom build here which is short in size. There is also a custom number plate just above the headlamp here. 

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Tyres & Rims:

Both tires have been changed here, front tire is of size 120mm with 17 inch alloy and the rear tire is 140mm with 15inch alloy. Yes the rear alloy are 2inches small from the front. Both the alloy are spoked alloy with black color and due the small rear alloy the width of the rear tire look very wide so it gives this bike very beefy look. 

Both tires can be used for off roading as well as on roading.

Front wheel now has dual disc setup which makes it look more sporty. 

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Handle bar used here is KTM Style long handlebar and it also has a Handle bar riser which is custom handmade. Due to the Handle bar riser the handlebar is positioned upward. It is also Equipped with hand guard which is used for safety and it also give bike a good look. 

As for the speedometer a digital single speedometer is used here which is fitted perfectly on the handle bar. 

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Fuel tank used here is of Bajaj Pulsar 150. Pulsar 150 Fuel tank is really big and bulky in size and due to this overall bike also looks beefy. Here the Fuel Tank is painted in Passion Red with High Gloss and whole frame and body is painted black. 

Fuel tank also has a Small Honda logo.

rear frame & seats:

And coming to the rear frame and seat, the rear frame is fully custom hand built with its seat. Now the rear frame is small in size as compared to Stock Unicorn. The swing are and the rear suspension here is fully stock and nothing has been changed there. 

Also the side panel on this bike is also custom build all the work done here is very neat and clean. Tail light and rear indicators has been replaced by LED Light Strips which is integrated inside the rear frame.

This LED Strips also has side indicators light integrated.

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Exhaust on this bike has also been change to a Aftermarket SC Project exhaust. This bike has looks and also sound which will be a Head turner.

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One cannot easily recognize that this modified bike is a Honda Unicorn as the modification done is really amazing. Fully handmade rear frame and seat, bold tires with spoked alloy, Passion red high gloss color everything done on this bike is next level. All this modification is done by Avesh Customs one of the best modifiers in India. 

Contact Details:

Instagram – avesh_customs

Facebook – Avesh Customs

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