Modified Bajaj Pulsar 220 By Renovatio Motor Works

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Presenting you the Best Modified Bajaj Pulsar 220 by Renovatio Motor works. This Bajaj Pulsar 220 has a combined look of a naked street fighter + a Cafe racer. Many Handmade parts by Renovatio Motor works are used on this Modified Pulsar 220. 

This Modified Bajaj Pulsar 220 is fully blacked out and has blue strips across the bike. This hand-built motorcycle has been named the Pulsar 220 FSB (fastest shooting brake) by Renovatio Motor Works.

This Pulsar 220 Modification now has a fully handmade rear frame which is really a unique design.

Modified Bajaj Pulsar 220 By Renovatio Motor Works

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Modified Bajaj pulsar 220 By Renovatio Motor Works

Talking about the changes done in front of this Pulsar 220 Modification, the suspension setup is changed here to a thick suspension setup as the stock pulsar 220 suspension setup is not thick in size. Here the motorcycle is more stable now due to this suspension setup and looks beefy from the front.

For the fuel tank, this Modified Pulsar 220 now has a fuel tank from a Bajaj Pulsar only which fits perfectly here. Pulsar 220 fairings were removed here. The headlight is also changed to an aftermarket 5.7-inch headlight. A custom cowl was made for the fitting of this headlight. 

Side Indicators are placed on this side of the number plate which is just above the Headlight. Here a custom clip-on handlebar is used. This handlebar setup is generally used on Cafe racer-style motorcycles. Aftermarket round-shaped bar end mirror is used here.

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Tyres & Rims:

Modified Bajaj pulsar 220 By Renovatio Motor Works

On this Modified Bajaj Pulsar 220 both front and rear tires and rims are changed. Talking about the front here 17’×3.5′ size rims are used which is taken from Bajaj Dominar. Here this 17’×3.5′  size rim now holds a 110×17″ Pirelli diablo Rosso 2.

The rear rims are also taken from Bajaj Dominar which is of size 17×4″. This rear rim now hold a 150×17″ Pirelli diablo Rosso 2 tire setup. There is no rear fender on this motorcycle. 

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rear frame & seat :

Modified Bajaj pulsar 220

On this Modified Bajaj pulsar 220 here a very unique design is implemented on the rear frame. It is in a curved shape and looks very unique and this frame was fully hand-made by Renovatio Motors. 

The rear swing arm is also changed here which now decreases the overall wheelbase here. This Pulsar 220 Modification has a single-seat setup that is custom-made. The Taillight here is fully blacked-out from a custom wrap to blend in with the rear frame. 

The rear suspension setup is also changed which is a linkage Gabriel suspension system. This suspension setup provides more stability to the bike at high speed. 

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Exhaust :

Modified Bajaj Pulsar 220

On this Modified Pulsar 220 the exhaust system is changed and it now has an Akrapovic replica exhaust system. The bend pipe here is kept-in stock. 

Overall for performance upgrade on this motorcycle the rear sprocket and air filter is only changed here. Due to the bigger rear sprocket, the torque of this Pulsar 220 is increased. There is no modification done on the engine. 

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This Modified Bajaj Pulsar 220 looks so unique in its style and the rear frame might be the only one made like this. Due to the blacked-out color scheme, this Pulsar 220 looks very stealthy. 

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