Modified Thunderbird 350 into a Custom Bobber by Neev Motorcycles

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Presenting you Modified Thunderbird 350 into a custom bobber motorcycle. This royal Enfield thunderbird modified is one the best Modified bobber i have seen. This Modified Thunderbird is made by Neev Motorcycles. 

The full look of this Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 is changed. This thunderbird modification got a new Handlebar, new fat tires, a new custom-made seat and so many other parts are also changed. 

This Modified Thunderbird 350 also got a new custom paint job. The tank, fender side boxes are painted Satin Blue color and the rest is painted with Glossy black for a Dual ton color combination. 

Modified Thunderbird 350

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The front suspension of this Modified Thunderbird 350 is kept-in stock but here suspension cover has been added to give the setup a beefy look. And frankly, this Suspension cover did the job. 

Aftermarket LED Headlamp is at the front which is round in shape. This is LED Projector headlamp which is really bright.  The side indicators are also changed into aftermarket indicators with metal grills. 

The fuel tank on this modified Thunderbird 350 is also kept-in stock with some detailing done to it. The handlebar is also changed to a straight type handlebar with bar-end mirrors.

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Tyres & Rims:

Modified Thunderbird 350

The main attraction of Bobber motorcycles is its tires, and here on this modified thunderbird 350, the tires are changed into massive beefy-looking tires. Both front and rear rims are also changed.

Talking about the front tires here 16-inch spoked rims is used with 5×16 old-school bobber tires. The front fender is also changed to a Custom hand crafted fender. 

The Rear tire and rim, the rim is the same 16-inch spoked rim with the same 5×16 tires. The rear fender is also hand crafted. 

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rear frame & seat :

Here the rear frame is also modified for the beefy tire. The wheelbase of this modified Thunderbird 350 is increased by 4-inch. 

This Thunderbird got a new custom-built bobber-style seat. The seat height is also decreased here. You can ride this Thunderbird solo or if you want to ride with a partner here you can easily attach the rear seat and the backrest. 

The tail lamp now sits on the left side swingarm with a custom number plate below it. The rear side indicators are placed on the side of the seat which are aftermarket indicators.

The toolbox and side box is also hand crafted here with satin blue color. 

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Exhaust :

Modified Thunderbird 350

Royal Enfield is known for its exhaust sound so here on this modified thunderbird 350, the exhaust system is also changed and this exhaust system has a very soothing sound. 

A free flow exhaust system is used here with metallic grey color and this exhaust system used here looks impressive on this modification. 

No changes have been done to the engine. The footrest and the gear and brake lever are moved forward for a comfortable riding posture.

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Heat shield Protector


This Modified Thunderbird 350 is custom made into a Bobber by Neev Motorcycles. The job done here is amazing and this Thunderbird bobber is definitely a head-turner on road. 

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