Best Hero Xtreme bike Modified By BRC Customs

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Presenting you Hero extreme modified bike by BRC Customs. This Modified hero xtreme is one of its king modification. Just by looking you can say that this modified hero xtreme is made into a Custom bobber and it may look just like Jawa Perak which is also a Bobber Motorcycle.  

This Modified Hero xtreme by BRC Customs is named BLACK PEARL. This motorcycle is painted fully black with some Beige color strips and custom made seat. 

Many custom changes is done on this motorcycle from its swing arm, rear seat, fuel tank etc. All this modification makes this Hero Xtreme a very unique Hero Xtreme Modification in India.

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As you know Bobber style Motorcycles usually has Peanut Style Fuel tank so this bike has a custom Peanut Style fuel tank. This fuel tank look exactly like Jawa Peraks Fuel tank.

Front Suspension setup is kept stock from Hero Xtreme with an aftermarket suspension cover. 

Now this motorcycle has Yamaha FZ handle bar which is custom fitted to its T bar and it is equipped with bar end mirror. Front Headlamp is also custom aftermarket headlamp. 

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Tyres & Rims:

About the tyres on this modification both front and rear have been changed with its alloy. Hero Xtreme comes with alloy style rim and it has drum braking system. But Here Drum brakes is changed to a Disc Brake system and now it has beautiful looking spoked style rims.

Rear tyre have been changed with Harley Davidson R16 tyre and front with R18 tyre. The rear tyre is really fat as it is from Harley Davidson. Many alteration was done to perfectly fit the spoked rim, disc brake and fat tyre. Both rear and front fenders are also custom made and it is fitted very close to the tyres.

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rear frame & seats:

Rear frame of this motorcycle has some major modification done to it. As it now has R16 Harley Davidsons tyre with spoked rims & disk brake, the rear swing are was modified majorly. A Custom suspension setup was also done on this motorcycle as it now has mono shock suspension setup.

The Mono Shock Suspension setup used here is from KTM Duke. The suspension setup is now located below the seat which is connected to the swing arm through a custom made arm for it.

This motorcycle also has a custom made single seat setup. The rear tail lamp is integrated in the seat.

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This motorcycle exhaust is also changed to a royal enfield exhaust system. Royal Enfield exhaust system are good looking & they sound amazing. Here the exhaust system used from royal enfield motorcycle has some custom modification done to it.

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BRC Custom did an amazing job to make this Hero Xtreme into a bobber style motorcycle. Not just the look it also got Royal Enfield Exhaust system which sounds amazing. So i can say that BRC Customs Hard work was worth it.

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