Hero Karizma Modified as Ducati Scrambler

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Presenting you Hero Karizma modified bike by Dirt machine customs.  This Madhya Pradesh-based Dirt-Machine Custom Motorcycles took complete responsibility and transformed this motorcycle into a Ducati Scrambler replica. The work done by them into modifying this Hero Karizma Modified bike as a Ducati Scrambler is just out of this world it is almost same the Ducati.

This might be the cleanest Hero Karizma Modified bike present currently in India. From front to rear many changes was done to make it a Scrambler like front suspension setup rear suspension setup and all.

Dirt-Machine Customs has also used an original Ducati Scrambler part in this modification, that’s crazy . Read the article till the end to know about every little changes done on this motorcycle.

Hero Karizma Modified

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Hero Karizma Modified

Talking about changes done in front, the front suspension setup is changed fully to KTM Up Side down suspension setup. Up side down suspension setup provides stability to the motorcycle and it also give the motorcycle a premium look. 

Talking about the fuel tank you will notice that it looks exactly like the fuel tank from Ducati Scrambler, it is due to the fact that this fuel tank is actually from Ducati Scrambler. Dirt-Machine Custom took an original Ducati Fuel tank and converted it into Carburetor from FI for its compatibility to the engine.

Head light used here is after market custom LED Headlamp with a grill. This grill has ducati written on it. Same After market led Side indicator are used on this bike.

Handle bar is a straight handle bar from KTM Duke and it now has custom digital meter perfectly fitted on it.

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Tyres & Rims:

For this up side down suspension setup at front the alloy was also changed to KTM Alloy setup. This made it easy to setup the Up Side Down suspension at the front. 

As you know KTM alloy can be fitted with 120 front and 140-150 at rear, so here 120-17 Inch Tires are used at front and 140-17 inch tires are used at rear. Both front and rear fender is also new to this modification and it is custom made by Dirt-Machine Customs. This hand made rear and front fender are made so that it fits perfect with the whole modification done on Hero Karizma Modified . 

For braking system front brake is now a Single Disk with 4 Piston caliper and the rear is also changed to disk with single piston caliper. 

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rear frame & seats:

Rear frame of this motorcycle was also modified. Main changes on the rear is its suspension setup and its swing arm.

The rear suspension is changed to a KTM Monoshock suspension setup. This suspension setup provides stability and it is very much comfortable. As i told you that both front and rear alloy was changed to KTM Alloy for this the rear Swing arm is also changed to KTM Duke swing arm.

This motorcycle now has custom made seat which is very comfortable and the rear tail light is now integrated to the seat itself. Rear side indicator are after market LED indicators and the rear fender is also custom hand made just like the front fender.

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This Hero Karizma now has a full system aftermarket exhaust system. The exhaust system pipe is fully wrapped with heat wrap to enhance its look. The Engine here is still retains the original 223cc air-cooled single-cylinder motor that powered the Karizma R.

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The job done by Dirt-Machine Custom into modifying this Hero Karizma into a Ducati Scrambler is just impressive. They have made an exact replica of Ducati Scrambler and even used the Ducati Scrambler Fuel tank. 

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