Modified Bajaj Pulsar 220 into Naked Street Fighter!

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Bajaj Pulsar 220

Streefighter is a type of modified bikes which can look very aggressive. It is done by making many alternation that just kills the stock look. Here this is Bajaj Pulsar 220 which is modified into Naked Street fighter and it named ALPHA . This modification is done by The Custom house which is situated in Chattisgarh. 

There are so many changes done on this bike which makes this so unique and you won’t see any other modification like this. The alloy, exhaust, suspension setup all things has been modified. 

I will cover every modification done on this Bajaj Pulsar 220, so do read till the end.

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As you can see there are so many changes done on the front part of this bike. Front part is fully custom built to maintain the Street fighter look.

The front suspension is a fully custom made and it is girder type suspension setup. This type of suspension setup if found in the earliest bikes so it can be said that it is the oldest type of suspension setup. This suspension setup involves two upright linkages with the spring between the top and bottom triple clamps.

Making this suspension setup is really a hard work on its own. Handle bar used here is also stock Bajaj pulsar 220 Handle bar with some changes done to it.

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Tyres & Rims:

About the tyres this modification still has stock tyres that comes with Bajaj Pulsar 220, but the rims here has been modified. Rims are still the stock rims of Pulsar 220 but a black panel is added to it. 

Due to this panel added here it makes the overall wheel look very bulky and bold.

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Front Tire

Engine & Transmission:

Changes are not only done on the body parts but there are some major changes done on the engine also. It has Custom Hand Lever Gear Shifter and a suicide clutch.

This combination of Hand lever gear shifter and a suicide clutch usually seen in old-school motorcycles. As you can see there is a custom hand lever gear shifter on the left side which works flawlessly. The suicide clutch is situated on the right foot and it is also called rocker clutch system. 

Engine tuning is also done here with a Custom K&N Air filter. Braking has been moved to right hand which is a combo style brakes.

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As you know this is a Bajaj Pulsar 220 so to maintain some originality of this bike the fuel tank is kept stock here. 

rear frame & seats:

The rear frame on this bike is also customized here. It is now a single seater bike with a custom build seat. 

The rear suspension is changes with a custom Mono shock suspension setup and the rear tail light is also kept stock but it is installed inverted. 

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Motorcycles usually has exhaust system on its back side it can be on the right or left side. The exhaust system on this bike is on the left side and it is re-directed to be positioned near the front wheel. It got a new exhaust mufflers.

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Streenfighter belongs in a Custom Motorcycles segment that not everyone is a fan of, usually one that doesn’t look like any other, it has own charm and uniqueness. The custom house has done an amazing work on this Bajaj Pulsar 220 and i can say this one of the best Bajaj Pulsar 220 which is modified into a naked style Street Fighter.

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The Custom House Address: Behind prince bar, Gunj para, Durg, Chattisgarh, India. 

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