Modified Bajaj Avenger into Classic Bobber Style

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 Presenting you Modified Bajaj Avenger into Classic Bobber Style by VP Designs. This is a Bajaj Avenger 180cc motorcycle that is beautifully modified into a classic Bobber. The Modified Avenger here is named La Poderosa  which means “The Powerful”. The name is justified here for this modification as the look here is very appealing. 

This Bajaj Avenger Modified now has very unique color combination, the fuel tank is painted Pearl Blue with air Brushed its name La Poderosa to it. The body is painted in Glossy black and the Engine and frame are painted in Satin black color.

The overall look of this Modified Bajaj Avenger is just like a Harley-Davidson style Bobber Motorcycle. 

Modified Bajaj Avenger

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Modified Bajaj Avenger

Here on this Modified Bajaj Avenger, the front Suspension setup is kept-in stock. The Headlamp here is an aftermarket LED Headlamp that is in a similar shape of the original Baja Avenger headlamp. 

The Side indicators are also custom aftermarket and are placed on side of the suspension setup.  An Aftermarket Digital speedometer is also used here. 

The fuel tank on this modified Baja Avenger is fully custom built by VP Designs and it is a Peanut Style tank. The fuel tank here is very similar to the Harley-Davidson style. 

The handlebar here is also changed to a Short ape-style handlebar which changes the riding style of this motorcycle. The handlebar has a bar end mirror. 

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Tyres & Rims:

Modified Bajaj Avenger

Here both front and rear tires are changed into a custom bobber style tire. Any bobber style modification must have these kinds of tire installed on it. 

Here at front 19-inch spoked rim is used with 110/70 Ralco Speedblaster tires. At the rear 15-inch spoked rims is used with 150/90 size tires. Due to the combination of these rims 19 inches at the front and 15 inches at the rear the riding stance of this modified avenger changes a lot.

Both front and rear fenders are custom built to fit perfectly with the tires.

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rear frame & seat :

Modified Bajaj Avenger

The rear frame of this Modified Bajaj Avenger is chopped. Bajaj Avenger has a very long rear frame but here due to chopping now the frame is shorter than the original frame. 

This Modified Avenger now has single seat which is custom made in bobber style. The rear side indicators are also aftermarket here which are placed on the side of the seat. 

The rear suspension setup is kept-in stock here.

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Exhaust :

Modified Bajaj Avenger

The exhaust system of this modified Bajaj Avenger is an aftermarket Akrapovic twin exhaust system. The sound of this exhaust system is very soothing. The look of this exhaust system also enhances the overall Modification look. 

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The Modified Bajaj Avenger into a Classic bobber is really one of its kind. It has a very unique style color combination given to it. VP Designs hand-crafted some of its parts like Fuel tank, fenders, etc. Overall the work done on this Bajaj Avenger is worth it. 

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