Modified Royal Enfield Classic 500 into Bobber by Maratha Motorcycle

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Internet is packed with lots of Modified Royal Enfield because Royal Enfield can be modified very easily and there are lots of aftermarket parts available.  Here this is a Modified Royal Enfield Classic 500 into a custom Bobber and this modification is done by Maratha Motorcycle.

There are lots of changes done on this RE for completing this modification. Many Aftermarket parts have been used here such as headlamp, taillamp, exhaust, etc. This RE now has a custom paint job. The fuel tank, side box, and the fender has been painted Orange color with some golden color accent to it. 

The powerhouse of this motorcycle is kept the same no upgrade is done on it.

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Modified Royal Enfield Classic

As we look at it from the front you will see the Suspension setup is kept in stock here which is a telescopic setup. The T bar is changed to a fully custom-built T bar. Aftermarket LED Headlamp is used here. 

This modified royal enfield has a custom-built handlebar. This handlebar is made such that it is comfortable for the owner of this bike to ride. The handlebar also has new handle grips and bar end. The Handle grip and bar end is painted with golden pearl color. The front side indicators are placed below the hand levers which are LED indicators. 

Talking about the fuel tank it is a custom unit here that is in Teardrop shape. The tank is painted in orange color with golden strips and it has a custom golden tank cap installed.

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Tyres & Rims:

Modified Royal Enfield Classic

The rims of this RE are changed to a custom 15″ spoke rims. And these rims now hold high-profile 140/90-15 tires. 

Both front and rear fenders are also changed into a custom-built fender with orange color.

Other than that this royal modified royal enfield motorcycle gets golden finished footpegs, kick start lever, rear brake pedal, and gear selector pedal

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rear frame & seat :

Modified Royal Enfield Classic

The rear frame on this motorcycle is a soft tail frame that is kept in original. 

The seat is fully hand crafted with good quality leather. This seat is also lowered for more comfort. The seat was fully designed in a bobber style. 

The side toolbox is custom painted with orange color and this toolbox now holds the rear side indicators. The placement of these side indicators is done very neatly. 

The rear tail lamp is also a custom aftermarket LED lamp that is fitted on the left swing arm. Below this Tail lamp, there is a heart-shaped custom number plate.

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Exhaust :

This Modified Royal Enfield has a fully custom exhaust system. This exhaust system is short piped. The end cap of the exhaust is custom-made with a golden finish. 

The full exhaust system is wrapped with heat wrap and the front part now has a decorative heatshield.

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After Market Exhaust


Here the owner wanted this Royal Enfield Classic 500 to be modified into a custom bobber. With its High Profile tires and the Orange and Golden pearl accent, this RE Surely has amazing road presence. 

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