Hero Honda Splendor Modified into Cafe Racer

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Presenting the Best Hero Honda Splendor Modified into a Custom Cafe Racer. There are many Modified Hero Honda Splendor into a Cafe Racer and this is one of them and this modification is done by ParPin;s Garage.  This Modified Splendor is Named Grey Hawk and this is a 1998 Hero Honda Splendor. 

The Paint job done on this Modified Splender is grey color with some black+orange Stickering. 

Hero Honda Splendor Modified

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Talking about the front changes done on this Splendor Modification it is fully customized into Cafe Racer style. The Front suspension setup is kept-in stock but a suspension cover is added to give it a beefy look. 

The front headlamp is also changed here into an aftermarket LED headlamp. This round LED Headlamp has a total of 6 LED. 

The Fuel tank of this Modified Splendor is changed into a custom Cafe Racer style fuel tank. This fuel tank has a custom paint job done to it. The handlebar is also changed here which is borrowed from Yamaha RD 350. This handlebar changes the riding stance to a more upright position. 

This Hero Splendor is equipped with a custom aftermarket speedometer. 

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Tyres & Rims:

Hero Honda Splendor Modified

Tyres and rims of this Modified Hero Honda splendor are also new here. Custom Aftermarket alloys have been used here which looks just amazing. 

The alloy used here is Black in color with a chrome finish. Both front and rear tires are also changed. Both front and rear fenders are also custom made with the front lifted upwards.

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rear frame & seat :

Hero Honda Splendor Modified

The rear frame of this Hero Honda Modified is also customized here. The side panel is removed here for a slimmer look. 

The seat on this Splendor Modification is also a custom-made Cafe Racer-style seat. The rear suspension setup is also kept-in stock just like the front one. 

The taillamp is integrated into the rear mudguard with side indicator also.

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Exhaust :

Hero Honda Splendor Modified

Along with all the changes to this Motorcycle, the exhaust system here is also changed. An aftermarket exhaust system is used here. There is no change done to the Engine of this Hero Honda Splendor. 

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Grey Hawk Hero Honda Splendor Modified is one of its kind. Originally it was a 1998 model Hero Honda Splendor which is modified by ParPin’s Garage . 

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