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Modified Pulsar NS 200

So we have a new Modified Pulsar NS 200 into a Adventure tourer. This Modified Pulsar 200 is modified into a Ducati Multistrada style Adventure tourer. Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 is a great bike it has power, looks and everything but here the Modifier Tijo Thampi wanted a Adventure tourer of his own so he Modified this Bajaj Pulsar NS 200.

The work done on this modified pulsar ns 200 is impressive and it did required some hard work to make this as clean as possible. 

Tijo Thampi used some parts from other motorcycle to make this into a Ducati Style Adventure tourer and the fitment of the parts is just amazing. The rear part of this NS 200 is painted fully in black and the front part is painted in red color with some black accent to it.

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To make this into a adventure tourer there are some major changes done on the front part of this NS 200. Overall looks of this Modified Pulsar NS 200 Comes from the front only. 

Fuel tank here is kept stock there was no changes done to it though some fairing from the fuel tank was removed such that this custom fairing can be installed in it. Talking about the custom fairing used on this pulsar ns200 it is from Hero Igniter and some parts of Yamaha FZ Fairing is also used. Combining these 2 fairing from different bike makes this amazing fairing for this Pulsar NS200. 

Talking about the front Headlight it is taken from Aprilia scooty. This head light from aprilia is just a perfect combination with this fairing. It has DRL Head lights which is also good for night rides. It also has a after market front fairing installed below the head lamp. This fairing itself makes this Modification looks aggressive from front.

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Tyres & Rims:

Both front and rear tires are kept stock here with stock alloys. Here the if the modifier changes both front and rear tires then this Pulsar NS 200 can be perfect for both on roading and off roading.

Front and rear suspension setup is also kept stock as there was no need to change them because they perform good. But what can be done here is we can raise the front suspension setup a bit so that it can have more ground clearance for off roading. 

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rear frame :

There is not much changes done on the rear part of this Modified pulsar ns 200, only the rear Fairing is removed here.

It is also installed with a custom after market carrier. The rear tail light is now a LED tail light which is integrated in the seat.

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This Modified Pulsar NS 200 now has KTM Duke 390 Handlebars. Installing KTM Duke handle bar to this Pulsar ns200 it now has higher riding stance and it is required in off roading. This KTM Duke handlebar is installed with some fitments on the stock T Bars of NS 200. 

For some protection while riding this bike handle bar is equipped with Custom after market Hand Guard. 

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So this Modified Pulsar NS 200 into Adventure tourer by Tijo Thampi is just Impressive. The fitment of parts on this motorcycle looks like its out of factory. 

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