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splendor bike modified

This here is a bike which many loves for its look and for its economy. Can you guess?… this here is Hero Honda Splendor Bike Modified in Cafe Racer Style  and the Modification is done by Imran Custom Bikes Based on Rajasthan. Cafe Racer in India is really popular with its Clip-On handelbar and round headlight.

Cafe Racer are optimized for speed and handling rather than comfort.

Talking about the Hero Honda Splendor which is used in this modification is a 2001 model which was fully restored as it 2 Decades old.

As you can see from above image itself that many changes have been made on this bike specially the design because hero honda Splender is used mostly for commuting and Cafe Racer is made for its handling and speed, here speed tuning is not possible but handling and looks of a Cafe Racer are given.

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splendor bike modified

Front Look is completely changed as you can see it has a custom Headlamp with metal grill. It also has a aftermarket Side Indicators mounted on side of Headlamp.

Front Suspension is just a basic suspension which is painted in black color and has a aftermarket fork cover. 

Front fender are also custom made and is really small in size which shows the thickness of the tyres.

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Tyres & Rims:

splendor bike modified

In this bike both front and rear tyres have been changed to give that beefy look. Front and rear rims are taken from Baja Pulsar 150 which are spokes one. Spokes Rims give this bike a Vintage look which overall improves its Cafe Racer Style. 

Talking about its tyres they are from Ralco Speed Blaster which gives it a great look but also serves a purpose. Tyres can be used for off-roading and also for track speed purpose. 

Due the the rear tyres the bike looks very long as the tyres is beefy and comes out from rear. Overall the tyres and rims combination is really good here.

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splendor bike modified

The Handle bar used here is a basic Clip-On Handle Bar which is really popular for Cafe Racer look. I also have seen this Handle Bar in Many Modified bikes. Handle Bar is also really good while riding it. The Grips on the handle bar is similar to the seat for a good color combination. 

Handle bar is also equipped with a custom Speedo meter which is just a single meter which overall improves the look of bike. 

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splendor bike modified

Fuel Tank used for this bike is taken from Suzuki Max 100 which is just perfect for Cafe Racer look as it is small and slim in size which gives it an amazing look. The fitting of the fuel tank is just perfect it matches with the side panel all the angle is also just perfect. 

The Color done on the fuel tank is Light Green Color with Honda Logo Printed on it.

You can also use a RX 100 Fuel tank, RE Continental GT Fuel tank which are also good for a Cafe Racer look and this tanks are also easily available in many junkyards.

rear frame & seats:

splendor bike modified

Rear Frame of this bike is Completely chopped and made smaller and straight. Cafe Racer seats are made only for single person, here in this modification seat can be used by 2 person but for great look i would recommend single person using it. 

The rear swing arm is stock  but due to the tyres it looks longer. It has Dual Suspension Setup for More comfort

Rear Fender is also custom made which is really small in size and has a Custom Side Number plate.

The led strip is completely integrated inside rear frame.

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splendor bike modified

The exhaust system used here is a Akrapovic Exhaust which is commonly used for Racing Purpose. It can be considered  a full system exhaust as it is just a single pipe. The Exhaust System has a custom Heat Wrap which also improve its look.

Akrapovic Exhaust are also Famous for its sound so when you will take this bike for a ride for sure it will be a Head Turner on road.

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