Modified Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 Cafe Racer By Bulleteer Customs

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Meet GT 67 – a modified royal enfield GT 535 By Bulleteer Customs located at bangalore.This bike started its life as a Royal enfield continental GT 535 which was first in the segement of caferacer from royal enfield.Currently it got discontinued after the launch of Continental GT650.

As you can see in above picture bike has been totally redesigned in caferacer style.As royal enfield GT535 was already a caferacer style machine but here bulleteer customs have given a much more modern look which looks more cooler now.

What All Changes Made ?

As you can see here the front telescopic front forks suspension setup has been replaced by an upside down suspension setup which provide better handling and improves the front looks .New front of the bike looks much bigger and heavier (Gives a premium Style ) much like foreign brands.

Apart from suspension the stock round shaped chrome finished headlight has been replaced with a Custom Led Hive headlight.This headlight is placed perfectly between the suspension setup and looks like a factory fitted one.

Both the front and rear tyre has been upgraded with new one.Now the stock royal enfield GT 535 gets front 100/90/18 and rear 130/17/18 which isreplaced by  120mm and rear 160mm Timsun tyres  placed on custom made 17in spoked rims making it excellent for track and provide much cooler looks than before.

Even if you look at front fender the stock fender is also customized here ,apart from this rest everything like handlebars,instrument console looks similar to stock bike .However the handlebars have been placed here on the Custom made suspension setup.

Fuel tank and the side panels have been kept stock as before only with some new graphics.From Side profile the bike look really a masterpiece as you can check the perfect line and level of the seat with the base of fuel tank which is really straight .

Now if we move to the rear sub frame of the bike you can see lots of changes have been made ,now the rear frame has been chopped and made it little bit small to give that aggressive cafe racer style look which adds charm to this build.Apart from chopped seat a small diamond ribbed cafe racer seat has been custom made to complete the rear look.

Rear tail lamp has been integrated inside the rear sub frame as you can see in the above image the led tail light looks really bright and is replaced by square shaped you get in stock royal enfield continental gt.

One of the biggest changes you can see here is the addition of an additional exhaust in opposite to the original side of exhaust as you get only single exhaust in Continental GT 535.The additional exhaust has been mirrored to complete the empty side of the bike.The exhaust used here is the SC project exhaust which is wrapped around the exhaust heat shield.

Now at last if we see the paint ,the bike has been fully custom painted in Matte and Glossy combination with gold pin striping to match the gold upside down suspension.

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